Damp And Timber Report

Damp And Timber Report

Damp Timber Report

Damp Timber Report

If you need a Damp Timber Report for a home purchase or mortgage we offer 100% Independent Honest, Expert Advice. Don’t waste money on useless treatments and chemicals. Same day surveys/reports from £149.

Welcome To City Damp Surveys.

If you think you need damp proofing repairs or a Damp Timber Report please read this post and please consider using our services before spending thousands of pounds on damp proofing works that you may not need.

Call us today for an honest, independent advice about Damp Timber Report.

We are offer honest expert 100% independent damp proofing advice.

Britain’s houses do not suck water up from the ground, and do not need water-repellent chemicals injected into holes drilled in their walls.

And yet, whenever an older property in London goes up for sale, chances are that the home buyers survey report will raise the possibility of ‘dampness’, and unfortunately this often leads to a free survey by a damp-proofing salesman who will very often diagnose “rising damp” in the walls.

In most flats and houses thus diagnosed there will be no obvious signs of dampness or staining: the sole evidence will be readings on an electrical meter.

Have a look at the photo below. The £380 damp meter said the wall was 99.9% damp (impossible!). When we drilled into the wall it was 100% dry (dust!).

In this case, the decorator put layers of white filler over the plaster – the white
filler is making the meter read high – not dampness.

damp timber reportAnd therein lies the root of the problem.

These meters do not measure moisture, but electrical conductance, and when they are pressed into wallpaper or plaster, they often give high (and incorrect) readings, even when the wall underneath is dry.

The fact is that most of the properties being diagnosed as having damp during the sales process actually have no damp at all.

I am totally independent and have no links to any damp proofing companies or any damp proofing trade groups.

Damp Timber Report

We charge from £149 to most local London locations for a full damp survey with report. (from £199 for a damp/timber survey) *

* Prices are slightly higher to different locations.
We are located in Barnes (SW14) so surveys in North and East London are typically £50 higher than the prices quoted above.

Most of the houses we survey do not require expensive and invasive damp proofing treatments.

Chemical injections don’t solve these problems!

I am a PCA trained damp and timber surveyor specialising in historic London residential properties.

damp timber reportI am a member of the Institute Of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers.

I have been involved in the damp proofing business for over 30 years. I hold a four year Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences.

To date, I have surveyed over 4,500 residential and commercial properties in the Greater London area for damp and timber issues.

If you have condensation problems click here: condensationspecialist.co.uk

We have saved London homeowners from spending thousands of pounds on unnecessary and often useless damp proofing treatments.

Have a look at this great video from Pete Ward – which illustrates just how useless these so called ‘damp treatments’ are at solving moisture problems.

Pete has the most informative site on the web about damp problems and you can find it here –www.heritage-house.org.

If you need condensation advice: condensationspecialist.co.uk

Damp Timber Report


Do you need a Damp & Timber Survey For a Mortgage?

If you require a damp and timber report for your bank or mortgage company or if you are purchasing a new home,  please read this post and please consider using our services before spending thousands of pounds on damp proofing works that you may not need.

I have provided surveys for every high street bank and mortgage company.

So if you require a Damp and Timber Report please give us a call.

If you’re reading this you are probably buying or selling your flat and the survey has noted ‘damp may be present – consult a damp specialist’.

Or, you bank or mortgage lender has advised that you get a damp and timber report.

We can help.

We provide a full damp and timber survey and written report from £199.

* Prices are slightly higher to different locations.
We are located in Barnes (SW14) so surveys in North and East London are typically £50 higher than the prices quoted above.

Every week we save London homeowners thousands of pounds in unnecessary damp proofing treatments.

We are truly independent and in most cases we find that there is little or no damp present.


And most of you don’t have damp at all – it is most often condensation.

A national consumer magazine Which investigated the UK’s leading damp proofing companies and most failed to properly diagnose damp properly and several recommended the wrong treatment.

There are many companies offering ‘free’ damp and timber surveys but these are damp proofing companies and many times they will ‘discover’ damp problems that do not exist (but can only be cured using their chemicals). You will then be forced by the bank to carry out these unnecessary treatments to get your mortgage released!

We work exclusively in London and can often give same day or next day service.

We have worked with all of London’s estate agents and we are happy to liase with the estate agent or persons to arrange access and keys.

We will even liase with your tenants if that is required.

Don’t let a misdiagnosis of damp delay your mortgage or you sale or purchase.

Unfortunately many mortgage company surveyors and general building surveyors are incorrectly stating that a property has a damp problem when it does not.

Why does this happen?

Very often these surveyors will state something like ‘damp may be present, consult a specialists. The main reason for including this statement in the survey is that many of the surveyors do not have the time to further investigate the possible dampness.

Universally, they rely almost exclusively on a damp meter to make their diagnosis.

The problems start when these moisture meters give false positive readings because of natural condensation moisture being present on the walls.

At City Damp Surveys we examine over a dozen different aspects of the property to determine whether damp is present.

These include checking: gutters, drains, ground levels, brick work/pointing, roofing defects, testing the plaster for moisture, and many other things.

You should never agree to undertake expensive (and probably unnecessary) damp proofing works solely on the basis of damp meter readings.

We give a truly independent service – we do not recommend unnecessary work or treatments.

However, when requested, we can closely estimate the costs of damp repairs if they are needed.

There are many companies advertising ‘free’ surveys but bear in mind that most of these firms are actually sending you a salesman and not an independent damp surveyor.

We provide totally honest independent damp surveys.

Damp Timber Report

To contact is please email us at kevin@citydampsurveys.co.uk –  or give us a call.

We will respond with 10 minutes.

Tel 07949763671

We are available from 930am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

City Damp Surveys

London House

42 Upper Richmond Road West

Putney SW14 8DD

If you need timber advice: timberspecialist.co.uk

One more great video from Pete Ward

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